Medical Copywriting for a More Informed World

Of all the advertising copywriting services DDA offers, search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting for widespread medical disorders or diseases is, in my opinion, one of the most important. In 2005, I helped to write the Prostate Cancer Treatment Guide, which consists of over 600 search engine optimizted pages in a patent-applied-for grid format that features easy access to pertinent information about prostate cancer and available treatments. Due to the online seo copywriting and other seo services DDA implemented pre-launch and continues to provide post-launch, this site receives close to 40,000 visitors per month and about 9,000 top ten rankings on Google alone.

In the years following, I have worked on a variety of other medical websites. Currently, I am working on a website for Preeclampsia, which, when finished, promises to be a prominent force on the Web for this particular pregnancy disorder. Writing websites such as these takes dedication to not only learn all there is to know about the given disease or disorder, but to understand what it’s like for patients to go through associated symptoms and treatment. Furthermore, one must research all possible ways people would be searching for information relevant to the disease/disorder online. Applying this knowledge in an easy to understand framework and the proper platform is key to high rankings and the sucessful use of the tool.

Writing medical websites that gain this type of exposure and use makes me feel like I’ve helped, even in a small way, to educate patients, their family and friends, as well as the general public about a specific condition that is affecting millions worldwide. As direct-to-consumer medical advertising continues to evolve, websites like these give people the basics so they are informed when speaking to their doctors, and in return, doctors are pushed to up the ante in proper patient care.