No Scams Here

As I reported a few months ago, my sister graduated from college, and since then, has sent out resume after resume, and completed application after application. Her degree is in Marketing. To help her find job opportunities, she was using Career Builder. She entered in Marketing as a category and tons of entry-level positions popped up for the same few companies. Thinking it was a little odd, she searched for information on these companies and came across an article written by a fellow student. The article explained that these marketing positions are scams. The companies hire recent grads, make them go through the same regimented process, and get them to sell random products at grocery stores or door to door.

I realize that college grads need to work their way up the corporate ladder, but having them sell products out of the trunk of a car is a waste of talent, skill, and intelligence. I’m blown away that this is what is available to grads these days around this area. Nonetheless, I have faith in my sister’s ability to utilize other resources to find employment. I just feel bad that she can’t use this service to find a good job, as I did many years ago for the copywriting position I hold at Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA).

I remember my interview at DDA where I produced a piece of sample writing on the spot, talked to David while he flipped through my pictures and articles in my portfolio, and discussed world news and the art of writing with Elizabeth. I was so nervous and excited. Although my responsibilities at DDA have expanded to include project coordination, the job I was told I would do is what I continue to do. There was no smoke and mirrors then and there’s isn’t now. All this makes me feel very grateful to be a professional writer at a great advertising agency. I just hope my sister will be so lucky in her field.