One Ad, One People = Two Thumbs Up!

The latest “One People” commercial to stem from Pepsi’s Refresh campaign caught my eye the other day and it’s become a new favorite! I love the play on the word “Refresh” in time for spring renewal and parched summer days, and in keeping with our objective to reuse, renew, recycle, just as much as I enjoy the visual of combining videos of different people in different places to make one seamless image. Check it out below: 

Not sure how the message of encouraging people to submit their ideas for project funding will help sell more of the pepsi beverage, but it sure presents a compelling advertising campaign. Unfortunately, it appears the idea for the art elements may have been stolen from a music video of the Japanese band “SOUR”, but the idea is a great one and Pepsi made it work for their campaign. As they say, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery!” So, I say, good job to both!

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