Perfection is…

While many people get songs stuck in their head and find themselves absentmindedly humming the melody, I usually get phrases stuck in my head and find myself saying them over and over, applying them to different contexts. Weird, huh? So goes the life of an advertising copywriter. Today, “Perfection is an illusion.” is the statement that’s become all-consuming. Where did I pick up this latest obession you might ask? A TV show’s dialogue of a high-powered attorney, mentoring a new lawyer in his firm to dig deeper when faced with supposed perfection to reveal the flaws.

Perfection may really be an illusion.

At our interactive advertising agency, we strive for perfection in every project – whether it is a medical eLearning tool featuring virtual healthcare training simulations or a corporate website redesign integrated with promotional product videos. To some, the end product may look like the epitome of perfection and to others, a few tweaks could still be made until the notion of perfection is reached. Even “perfect” projects don’t typically start out that way. Although a few projects are straightforward and go without a hitch, the majority of the work we do evolves from the original concept through the collaboration of ideas.

Maybe perfection is more about perception.

If perfection is an illusion, then it is something that can never be attained. I disagree. If perfection is based on perception, then it is something that can only be found in the eye of the beholder. Although closer, I still disagree. To me, it is all about the pursuit of perfection – the drive to do better and be better - and that is what we do every day at DDA.