Preventing Boredom

The “same old thing” is not a concept I live by. I change my hair often, as my coworkers can attest, going from long to short, straight to curly. I switch up my commute to and from work, so no day is the same drive. The schedules that I have in place are often subject to change. I plan last minute day trips and excursions with my husband, so the weekends are spontaneous. Why do I do all of this you may ask? Because I get bored very easily and very quickly.

This is not a problem at our full-service advertising agency. Every day is different, every client has unique needs, and every project has distinct specifications. Not one website design and development project is the same. For example, one of our graphic designers is working on a variety of website designs, two of which fall under the same multi-corporation umbrella. While both require a landing page of some sort to connect all individual company sites into one cohesive organization look, each project will result in a very different design, with a look and feel exclusive to the organization at hand.

I love the excitement of new things, different things in the office and in life. So, until 6:00 it is back to my grab bag of copywriting and project coordination, and then on my way home I think I’ll take a road I’ve yet to travel. If no one hears from me soon, send a rescue squad… as I’ll likely be lost :)