Rebranding in an Era of Change

In this era of “change” it’s interesting to see what companies thrive versus those that falter and the dynamics of internal business ethics and decisions on both ends of the spectrum. Companies that generate profit during a struggling economy are able to flex their muscles, but it is whether those companies are able to pour that profit back into the business in important and necessary ways that reveals their true strength. I compare this to a quote from Abraham Lincoln, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

To the business owners, marketing executives, and sales managers of succeeding companies large and small, you are in a critical position for you are going to help carry this economy in the years to come. Are you going to do it with an honest heart and a strategic brain? If so, find ways in which you can help your business. Perhaps it’s a matter of ripping up old carpet and replacing it with new flooring for a better facility for your customers or supporting the livelihoods of your employees who helped you stand tall above the competition.

Maybe it is time to consider a rebranding effort! There’s really no better time than the present to change the face of your company. And our advertising and marketing agency can help. From creating new logo designs and taglines to complete website redesigns and cross media advertising campaigns, DDA will work with you to carefully craft a new brand to better reflect your personality, culture, diversity, and experience. With new brand elements in place, you can shed the you you once were before our economy took a reality check and carry with you the core of your business that has kept you a contender with a look a feel that reveals a positive, new direction.