Same Destination Different Journey

It’s likely (and expected) that over time your business’ marketing destination may remain consistent, but the journey in which you arrive at that destination may change course or alter direction at one point or another. Enter marketing campaigns. Far too often, this concept is ignored by small businesses and reserved only for big name corporations that wish to “stay with the times”. However, this is a device that can and does work wonders for businesses large and small in all industries.

At our innovative advertising agency, we encourage our clients to think outside the box, tap into markets they may have never explored, appeal to customers they may have never thought of, and grow their business in ways they may have never dreamed. A fresh advertising campaign may just be the key they need to take a road less travelled and discover a short cut to financial success.

We can work with you to define where you want your business to be and conceptualize ways in which to get there. For example, say you want to segment your business into two divisions: wholesale and retail. We can create two distinct logo designs, taglines (or slogans) that appeal to both demographic profiles. We can then develop a unique advertising plan for each; whereas one may benefit from a multi-pronged approach to Internet marketing, the other may reap more substantial profit gains from viral (or social) networking. With today’s technologies and tomorrow’s dreams, anything is possible on the way to your destination.