Simple and Sophisticated

Just as you wouldn’t put on every scarf you own, necklace you have in your jewelry box, or carry every bag you have in your closet before you walk out the front door, you wouldn’t want to apply this chaotic abundance theory to your advertising or marketing strategies either. Instead of wearing your entire wardrobe at once, you put together a single look – simple and sophisticated. Where am I going with this?

Well, in the world of interactive media, it’s easy to get overwhelmed; you want to take advantage of all the interactive technology available, you want to showcase your extensive capability, and you want the world to know what you can do. To the viewer or participant, it can just look like a hot mess they don’t want to go near out of fear they may end up with some kind of complex. The key is to simply yourself and your direction. (By this, I don’t mean dumbing down, but rather clarifying a solution.) Have a goal in mind and be selective in what elements you choose to merge together to reach it. Be sophisticated in your approach an you’ll end up with an unassuming WOW factor. Bottom line is your interactive marketing and advertising media serves as the face of your business just like your website or brochure. Don’t walk out of your door looking like you’ll end up on the top of the next worst dressed list, be simple, be selective, be sophisticated to be well received.