Tarot Card Reading

This past weekend, my friend gave me a tarot card reading. I’ve never had this done before, in fact, the only “reading” I’ve had done prior to this was a palm reading in high school that was generic and not believable. So, I was skeptical to say the least. I thought tarot cards were fortune telling revealing dates, people, etc. But, as my friend described to me, tarot cards are more along the lines of life guides and that which is revealed is based on personal perception. They are a snapshot into the path you are following at the current time; you have the power to change that path at any time.

Her reading was full of many detailed revelations that surprised me as they so closely resembled my life, but the overall message was that my inner creativity and intuitive nature would continue to be refined and that soon I will follow my heart, which will lead me in a positive, new direction. At first, I was thrilled at the notion that something BIG was going to happen that would bring me closer to utilizing those two characteristics, but then I realized that I am already doing what’s in my heart.

As an advertising copywriter at DDA, I’m able to rely on my intuitive nature to craft marketing messages that appeal to the wants and needs of readers and viewers for the videos we produce, the websites we design, the variety of print media we develop, and more. As a project coordinator, I’m able to work with programmers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, animators, and fellow copywriters and see incredible creativity take shape every day.

So who knows what the future holds, but for now I love doing what I’m doing and I will continue to follow my heart as always.