Death of the Creative Mind

I’m currently in the middle of a good book that I recommend to any creative thinker and/or cipher expert. The book is called PopCo by Scarlett Thomas.


It’s a book that is definitely out of the ordinary and covers everything from pirating to marketing. As I’m not an avid cipher player and probably the farthest thing from a mathematician, I get a little lost in all the keys and codes. But I am a Writer who is able to appreciate a good novel’s use of syntax, semantics, and morphology, and an Advertising Executive who takes notice when creative concepts are developed and a particular demographic is studied. One of the key messages that I take from this book (so far) derives from the CEO of the toy company who states that redundancy is the death of the creative mind. During the thought camp that takes place in the novel, employees are asked to partake in a variety of unique activities that stretch their thinking. For example, viewing demographics not just in terms of age, gender, and location, but of segmented groups within those broader categories.

At our advertising agency, not one day is exactly the same as the next. We are indeed a team of creatives who engineer original graphic design, copy, animation, programming applications, interactive media, and so much more on a daily basis that reviles the best in the business. However, even though our projects are diverse, we, as humans, are prone to rely on a set routine. I challenge the staff at DDA to do something different today – whether it is as simple as altering something in your office space or as complex as applying a new approach to your work. Keep things fresh and exciting!