The Mobile Migration

Just as there was a slow progression of companies to migrate online with more than template websites, companies are now slowly adopting the mobile marketplace. Whether there is a need to convert an existing website to smartphone and tablet formats, or there is a desire to create an interactive mobile application to be sold in iTunes, DDA does it all.

Whereas a few years ago, going mobile was thought of almost in the aftermath of a new website design, promotional video, or instructional animation, the topic is addressed at onset at DDA. We want you to think about the mobile application of your projects, so that they have longevity and value as your consumers make their first major mobile device purchase or continue to upgrade their device to the latest and greatest.

At DDA, we’ll develop creative ways to help you maximize the smaller screen size and touch navigation of smartphones and tablets. Plus, we’ll provide assistance through the Apple submission and approval process. As you join the mobile migration, consider the expertise and experience behind DDA’s mobile and application development. Our team will help propel your company to the forefront of the mobile pack.