To be a Copywriter

One of the many tasks of a copywriter is to understand a new company or industry on a dime, so that he or she is able to speak through the written word on behalf of an entire organization. It’s a responsibility that I don’t take lightly, and actually rather enjoy. Whether I am on a tour through a facility or a web portal, I observe, listen, take notes, ask questions (some simple for comprehension, others poignant for marketing strategy), and engage in conversation about current issues the company/product/service is facing in terms of branding, exposure, consumer interest (or lack thereof), etc.

Once the “interview” of sorts is complete, I must make sense of it all. With many industries, I’m able to draw on my experience and so creating marketing and advertising copy is fairly straightforward. However, some industries are so new to me that I have very little prior knowledge. I’m still young… what can you do? In these cases, I assimilate all of the information I received and start breaking it down into logical pieces and then put the pieces together. BUT the tasks does not end there. For our clients are not paying for me to understand their company or industry, but to produce slogans/taglines, marketing messages, brochure copywriting, website copywriting, promotional video scriptwriting, interactive training copywriting, and more.

So, then it’s on to the craft I love, being a Wordsmith – merging my newfound knowledge with the right marketing approach, applying the proper tone and language, and typing on the keyboard like it is a piano with each word, phrase, sentence being a note and when strung together make a perfect song.