Transparency in Action

One of the many projects that I am helping to coordinate at the moment is a kitchen cabinet website design with a custom programmed administrative area. The admin area was quoted on an hourly basis separate from the fixed cost. As expected in projects that involve customized online utility functions for a company, the admin area is evolving and morphing to be the best tool for intended users at launch. Once administrators understand how it works, they gain new ideas to accommodate everyone’s needs and wants, making it as user friendly and worthwhile as possible. New ideas often mean more time, and thus a Change Order.

In this case, the Change Order doesn’t alter the original project, but rather accounts for additional requests outside the scope of the project. Everyone at DDA, including graphic designers, copywriters, programmers, animators, videographers, photographers, web developers, illustrators, etc., is happy to go above and beyond the initial concepts if it means meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. It’s important to us that the end result is exactly what the client wanted, and more. We do, however, make you aware of how much additional time we anticipate, and log actual time expended in the DDA Trac, so there are no surprises at final invoice.

This is all a part of DDA’s promise to exceed expectations and to adhere to a strong Code of Ethics. This is transparency in action. At DDA, we practice what we preach.