Use Me

If you want your website to scream “USE ME!”, then it needs to be simple, sophisticated, and straight-forward. In the interactive website design and development process, one of the most important steps is establishing a foundation for intuitive usability. Users should have access to a hierarchical navigation system that is constant from one page to another. They should be able to easily distinguish presentation information from action items. They should be able to access what they want right away, or within one click of their mouse or touch on their iPad. They should be able to explore, but never get lost. They should not be forced to put the puzzle pieces together to get the big picture. They should not be overwhelmed; rather motivated to take action. They should have a good experience that makes them want to return again and again, and refer the website to their friends and/or colleagues.

Usability is key at our interactive marketing and advertising agency, and is not limited to websites alone. Whether we are developing a high-tech virtual product simulation or an immersive eLearning tool, usability is essential to a successful design. Often, it is the creation of the demo, wireframe, and menu that is the most time-consuming, but well worth it when the result is increased traffic and improved metrics. Contact DDA at 215-355-6442 or to learn more about usability and what it means to your online business or Internet marketing strategies.