Walk-ins Welcome

While driving the other day, I noticed a new tattoo shop with a BIG sign out front that said WALK-INs WELCOME. I immediately recalled my last two tattoos – one was done in PA and the other in Mexico – and both required an appointment. I have been thinking about a third tattoo for a long time and seeing that Walk-in sign almost swayed me to get it done right then and there… but life beckoned and I had somewhere to be at a certain time and I was already late. It made me think that sometimes life becomes too regimented, too scheduled and the fun, the spontaneous, or the freedom to explore gets squashed. You have to make an appointment or reservation for so many things in life, from getting your hair colored to getting a good table at your favorite restaurant.

The corporate and medical worlds are no different. Meetings and consultations get booked back-to-back and can’t run over on time or something else will be compromised. I suppose a BIG WALK-INs WELCOME sign outside of a doctor’s office or advertising agency would be odd, but think of the freedom that would give to interested patients or clients, especially in high foot traffic areas. At any time they felt inclined, they could walk through the front door and be serviced.

There is no Walk-in sign at DDA, but our websites certainly compensate. A full listing of more than 100 advertising and marketing services can be found on zeroonezero.com. You can enter the site at any time – day or night – and find out if we have the service that fits your need. From virtual learning environments and mobile applications to brochure designs and corporate videos, I can almost guarantee that we have the in-house capability to meet and exceed your need, on time and on budget. We can market your company, practice, product, or service on virtually any platform and help you achive the ROI you depend on. Plus, when you enter our site, you can even have a virtual cup of Coffee with DDA, without all the extra calories or caffeine. **Come to think of it, maybe we should have a LOG-INs WELCOME ANYTIME sign on the website. :) **