Websites with Structure and Substance

One of my favorite steps in a website redesign process is helping to create a new menu structure. Even the most entertaining and interactive websites must have substance to them – a solid reason for visiting. Menu structures give reason, provide an architecture for information dissemination and a hierarchy with intuitive organization.

Websites with search engine optimization copywriting far too often integrate the copy in a hidden manner – not directly visible to a user coming into the site from a home page, but if landed on from a search engine gives the user easy access to top level information. I find the challenge lies in merging search patterns with top level information.

When the website developers at DDA embark on creating a new menu structure, they take into account your products or services, target audience, and take-home message. Then, after keyword research is conducted, they weave appropriate and competitive terms and topics into the site architecture. The end result is a website that gives searchers what they seek and conveys a very strong message on why they should invest their hard-earned time and money into your business.