What you Can’t Say

A long running copywriting project at our interactive marketing and advertising agency is to generate search engine optimized descriptions of past and present projects. Some descriptions are more difficult to write than others. For instance, if the project at hand is one that was completed in 2000 and unfamiliar to me, then time must be expended to find out who was involved, what services were utilized, and why the item was designed or developed in a particular manner. This basic information is important in a description as it paints the outline of the project picture. The color and the space between the lines that gives life to the picture lies in the details. Certain details are more appropriate or relevant than others, but sometimes I just wish you could say it all…

I can recall a logo design we did in 2006 where the client wanted the image to look like his own bulldog, so much so that the type  (a brindel bulldog) and color  (a very particular tan) was perfectly on mark and his pet could walk proud as the mascot. I can remember a website design we did in 2007 where the industrial manufacturing client needed to make sure that his mom liked the look of the site before giving his final stamp of approval or a trade show video we produced in 2010 for a correctional healthcare company that was reviewed and approved by Shaq. Then there are projects in which the client dictates everything down to the most minute detail that the result fails to resemble the level of quality we typically produce. In turn, there are clients that give us the freedom to explore the possibilities and the results exceed even our own expectations.

Each project brings with it a web of intricacies, sometimes standard, sometimes strange. Our project descriptions in our portfolios help new site visitors get a better understanding of what was involved in producing the end product and inform them of what can be done within the confines of our office, a set deadline, and a team of creative and technical professionals. These descriptions can be found in the DDA Grid, Latest and Greatest, our Corporate Portfolio, our Corporate and Medical Training Portfolio, our Medical Portfolio, and the Universal Portfolio. Check them out!

p.s. I often chuckle to think of writing a very thorough project description – including ALL of the nitty-gritty details however crazy they may be – and wonder if it would impart a down-to-earth quality that’s often missing in the business world 🙂 Ah, to think!