What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

Today, I took some time and addressed many of the DDA responsibilities that have been on my list, but overlooked with pressing client projects at hand. For one of the DDA tasks, I needed to peruse our sites for information and while doing so, I found a few minor inconsistencies. With a site the size of www.zeroonezero.com (and all of it’s adjunct sites) and still growing, it’s nearly impossible to ensure that everything looks and functions as it should every minute of every day. For this reason, testing and proofing sites of this magnitude on a regular basis is essential.

Turns out that the main reason for our site’s minor issues was web browser inconsistency. As a project coordinator and online copywriter, I’ve noticed this issue pop up every so often in different website design and development projects. Although I strongly support innovative technologies, offering new and diverse features, I, in turn, support the delivery of standards to this medium in an effort to reduce the cost and complexity of web development.

As new browser alternatives increase, it will become virtually impossible to check each one independently of one another. THUS, we need standards! And not just standards for accessibility, but of design aesthetics. Safari, Internet Explorer (and all your versions), Firefox, Netscape, Opera, and all other less popular and emerging entities… I implore you to join forces in some respect and help major web design and development companies, like DDA, use your capabilities to the fullest!