When I was a Little Girl

When I was a little girl (about 10 or 11 years old), I remember going to work with my dad on “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”. At the time, he worked for a company called Unisys, which was making significant strides in information technology during the early 1990s. I remember walking into this huge room of mainframe computers and thought I was on some Star Trek spaceship as tiny little lights flashed all around me. But I’d have to say the highlight was getting the chance to play with the video conferencing tools in conference rooms that seemed larger than life. My dad let me conference from one office building to some of his colleagues at another and I was stunned as they were able to see me and I them clear as day on wide screens.

That was then, and now as I work at our advertising agency, I’m able to see how video conferencing has evolved. With today’s technology, webcasts and webinars can be done not by broadcasting to large groups of people gathered in a room to view on one screen, but to more people than you could ever imagine based remotely at home, in their office, or en route with access through an Internet connection. It’s amazing how connected we’ve become. DDA offers live webcasting services to our clients whether they want to hold an annual meeting for national and international investors to report on profit gains or they want to present monthly medical webcasts to update general practitioners and patients on healthcare advancements. Find out how our webcasting services can help your business and just like me as a little girl, I’m sure you’ll be WOWed.