Who Hits a Grand Slam in this Commercial Series?

The 2009 World Series match-up of two teams  – New York, Yankees and Philadelphia, Phillies – located in the densely populated northeast corridor has big market appeal with millions of viewers tuning in to see “their” team crowned champions! That said, the commercial spots between long stretches of intense innings can be costly, but worth it. An avid Phillies fan, I have a few favorites from this year’s games. One that tops my list is the new Budweiser TV ad campaign “It’s What We Do” – particularly “Greetings” and “Kidding“, as well as one I can’t seem to find on YouTube that highlights the many ways we bring beer back from the bar for others to drink.

I love when advertising touches on subjects that aren’t typically discussed and exploits our universal “quirks.” If done well, these commercials not only grab our attention and sell us on the product or brand, but they give us an opportunity to laugh at ourselves, which is something we all need to do at one point or another. Budweiser’s brand has long since been associated with a bit of comedy, and for me, this new ad campaign works – not to mention, I really enjoy the more recently introduced Budweiser American Ale, so I suppose I may be easily swayed.

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