Why More Channels are better than One

If consumers don’t see your brand in the public arena, how do they know you exist?

Today’s economy is the survival of the fittest. Strength is gained from having a recognizable face and a strong voice. Your brand is your face. Not only does it need to be good-looking, but it needs to be exposed to a variety of targeted audiences, so that you become a known and familiar entity. Your message is your voice, and in order to be heard, it needs to be relevant, consistent, and spoken with conviction across multiple platforms.

There are an ever expanding number of media channels available. Choosing just one can limit your potential, but creating a multi-channel marketing campaign can help you gain market share; improve customer retention, acquisition, and profit gain; as well as increase brand awareness, loyalty, and trust. Multi-channel marketing campaigns are unified around a shared brand concept that works to create a common dialogue or conversation. These campaigns work particularly well in medical marketing because they make an organization seem more committed to their mission and to the people they are communicating with.

The first step in creating an effective multi-channel campaign is to create a comprehensive brand image and core message. The next step is to determine the appropriate channels. Below is a sampling of the channels available that can help you maximize your marketing budget:

  • Direct Mail Advertising: Postcards, folders, bind-in order forms, coupons, publication inserts, self mailers, booklets are all direct mail pieces that can be targeted to consumers most likely to buy your product or service, attend an event, or respond to a promotion.
  • Email Marketing: Use attractive, professional email communications to stay in regular touch with patients or customers and build strong relationships. Within your email newsletter or promotions, you can include links to other online sources where users can learn more.
  • Mobile Applications: Mobile commerce, messaging, in-app advertising, video, games – there are a variety of ways to deliver connectivity to consumers when they are away from their PCs, TVs, and not driving past billboards.
  • Internet Advertising: The concept of Internet advertising is broad, but with millions of people listening to personalized radio on Pandora® Internet radio, advertising on this channel may be a viable option. Your ads can be targeted by age, location, and gender, woven between songs, and even prompt an immediate response.
  • Video Advertising: Create your own YouTube video channel and you’ll be connected with customers you never even knew existed. How-to videos and demonstrations give you a way to engage with customers and tell your brand story.
  • Trade Advertising: Zero in on professionals in the field by integrating advertisements in trade magazines or medical journals. Capturing their attention while they are already interested in learning more is perfect timing.

Through these multiple touches, your brand message will follow consumers as they jump from one medium to another, which works to maximum your opportunity to increase revenue. Plus, these channels are all traceable and measurable, so that you are able to confirm a solid return on investment or evaluate the responses and tailor your content to get the best response and most business. With the right management tools, you can see who opened your emails, who forwarded them to friends, and who clicked on which links in your emails; who viewed your videos, how long they watched them, and what actions they take; who returned a business reply card, scanned a Quick Response (QR) code, or went to a personalized URL as shown on a direct mail piece.

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