Moving Mountains (and Countries)

As I was reading Amy’s blog this morning, I took a second to check out the new Yahoo! home page that she was talking about. First of all, I COMPLETELY agree with Amy. Most of the “Interactive” portions of the page are incredible annoying. Move your mouse just a little bit in any direction, and an enormous pop-up frame fills the screen. If you wanted to read that portion, then that’s great. But if you accidentally passed over it with your cursor (like I did), you’re thrown for a loop and unable to navigate the rest of the page, which is now covered by the annoying hover box. It’s proof that if you give someone enough bells and whistles to play with, they can DEFINITELY overdo it.

But the point of my story wasn’t to rip Yahoo!. While on the site, I saw a headline for an article that drew my attention: “Massive Quake Moves New Zealand Closer to Australia”.  Having visited New Zealand way back in high school (it was beautiful), and with a sister who lived there for 6 months, I took notice.

Apparently, an enormous earthquake struck last week off the coast of New Zealand, with a 7.8 magnitude on the Richter Scale. Fortunatley, there were no reported injuries or serious damage, since it was way out to sea. But there was one long-lasting effect that has me amazed: The entire country of New Zealand moved about 12 inches to the west, and is now closer to Australia than it was before. Now, of course, one foot isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, especially when the gap between the countries is about 1,400 miles. But the fact that one Earth event could move a large country is amazing to me.

Here at DDA, we move mountains every day! (How’d you like that transition?). Whether it’s a new interactive website (hopefully without annoying hover boxes and pop-ups), virtual trade shows, custom online applications, printed brochures, traditional trade show displays, intranets, or search engine marketing (SEM), DDA knows what it takes to get the job done. With such a wide variety of experts under one roof, DDA can take care of even your most complex marketing and advertising needs. Because our graphic designers, copywriters, and animators work alongside programmers, search engine marketing specialists, and video experts, your project never leaves the building. That guarantees that everything will be done efficiently and effectively, and each portion of your project will be tied together to create the perfect finished product.

OK, so we may not actually move mountains here at DDA. But we always do right by our clients, as you can see by viewing our seemingly endless collection of unsolicited testimonials. So the next time you want to make a statement with your marketing or advertising efforts, contact DDA!