My First Day at DDA (OK, second day)

If my dog is reading this (and she might be, she’s pretty smart and I left the laptop out), I’m sorry.


For the last year, my dog Abby and I have spent many mornings sleeping on the couch while the rest of the world (including Abby’s mom, Andrea) headed off to work. She and I would sleep, eat lunch, take a walk and watch bad daytime TV (lots of Food Network) until I headed to work around 4 p.m.

But that was the newspaper world, which involved nights, weekends and bizarre hours.

Monday was my first day at Dynamic Digital Advertising, and first day in the world of advertising, copywriting, and, as it turns out, blogging. So now that I have a small piece of the Internet at my disposal four days a week (more on that in a second), and hopefully a nifty caricature of myself coming soon, I’ll use it for all it’s worth. So some words of advance warning to my blog editor and whoever comes across this page:

  • Most days, I will probably ramble on and make little or no sense.
  • My favorite topics will be sports, movies, TV, music and my dog.
  • Monday and Tuesday posts will talk about last weekend, and Wednesday and Thursday posts will discuss next weekend (weekends off are a new thing for me).
    • Because of that, I will often gloat about my three-day weekends.
  • My posts will be on time (before 10 a.m.) for a little while. But I make no promises once things get busy.
  • I use a lot of parentheses (probably because my mind goes off on crazy tangents).

As far as I can tell, I’m going to love being an advertising copywriter at DDA. In just 11 or so hours on the job, Laura and the other writers have taught me a lot about online copywriting, search engine optimization, project management and all the other responsibilities I’ll have here at DDA.

What I’ve been impressed with so far is the wide array of services we provide here, and everything we can do under one roof. When I walk downstairs for a coffee refill (planning on that in a few minutes), I’m quickly greeted by Indie (I think he smells Abby). But then I see the video studio, audio soundbooth and all the programmers hard at work making websites, animations, videos and anything else our clients can dream up.

I’m really looking forward to become a big part of the team here at DDA, and I’ll be even more useful once I get accustomed to this morning thing (I saw 6 a.m. yesterday for the first time in about a year). So while it’ll take me a while to get used to my new surroundings, Abby is probably already enjoying her reign over the house. Now she gets the whole couch to herself.