Phillies Win, But I Can’t Sync my Audio

Your daily baseball update: The Philadelphia Phillies hold a 2-games-to-1 lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship Series. The two teams play again tonight in Game 4 of the NLCS, on the road in Los Angeles. Game 5 is Wednesday in L.A., and the last two games would be back in Philadelphia, if necessary, on Friday and Saturday. If the Phillies can win two of the next four games, they will go to the World Series for the first time in 15 years. Four wins there, and the Phillies would win just their second championship in the 125-year history of the team.

On Sunday night, the Dodgers jumped out to a big lead in the first inning and never looked back, winning Game 2 of the series by a 7-2 score. But that wasn’t my biggest concern. While watching the game, I could not stand the announcers who were doing the commentary for FOX television. Not many Phillies fans seem to like the announcers, and we all seem to agree that they are openly rooting for Los Angeles to win. Plus, we’re all used to our familiar hometown announcers who do the games all season.

In the old days, when things like this happened with the Phillies or Eagles, I used to be able to mute the TV and turn up the radio broadcast, which included the familiar hometown announcers. It was perfect. But with digital HD cable, my digital video recorder box, and a delay required by the FCC after the Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction,” the TV feed is now on a lengthy delay of at least 5 seconds, which makes it impossible to sync up the radio and TV broadcasts. So I’m forced to deal with the terrible announcers and their Los Angeles favoritism.

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Now if only one of those guys could help me speed up my TV or slow down my radio so I can fully enjoy tonight’s baseball game….