Picking Up the Slack

In the past, many of us here at DDA have blogged about the feeling of satisfaction that comes with the launch of a new website or the completion of any other project. Oftentimes, a long period of time passes between the initial proposal process and the actual launch date for one our website projects. This is not because we are wasting time or twiddling our thumbs, but just because a well-planned, well-structured and successful website takes time — often much more time than the client might think at the outset.

I bring this up because one of my fellow project coordinators here at DDA — Laura — is enjoying the sun and fun this week on her much-deserved vacation. Unfortunately, this week just so happened to coincide with the launch of a website that she has been coordinating and working on for a VERY long time. When we left on Thursday, she was disappointed that she wouldn’t be around to see the launch (but buoyed by the fact that she’d be on vacation while the rest of us were at work).

But here at DDA, we don’t stop just because someone takes a few well-deserved days off. Before she left on Thursday, Laura brought everyone up to speed on her projects and what might need to be done during the week. And wouldn’t you know it, but on her first day out of the office, we launched the website for another happy client! Despite being on the outside looking in with this project for months, Laura walked me through the site before she left and noted a few things that needed to be done before launch. So when it came time to “go live”, our client never experienced any bumps in the road.

So, while Laura enjoys the sunshine (and returns the favor next month when I step out for a week), things just keep rolling here at DDA. Whether it’s a programmer, graphic designer, animator, video specialist, copywriter, or project coordinator, everyone at DDA steps up to pick up the slack whenever one of us needs (or wants) to take a day or two off. Our clients may develop a rapport with one member of the team, but they should always know that it is the goal of everyone at DDA to create the best advertising and marketing materials, websites, and other interactive tools. Contact us today!