Plan Now, Produce Later

It seems that a few times each month, my wife and I have a moment when we say, “We really should eat a a little better.” It’s not that we eat unhealthy, fried food every night (and we have both been better lately about packing lunches instead of buying fast food). But we do often get home from work, look at the clock, and decide we would much rather order pizza or hoagies then tackle something in the kitchen.

So, last week, we decided that we would really work hard to plan out what we were going to do for dinner each week, and make sure we had all the ingredients on-hand to make it work. So yesterday, I found a few healthy recipes, designated one night for leftover chinese food from the weekend, and even plotted the meals so that the early-week options created enough leftovers to pack for lunch. Then I looked at each recipe, made a grocery list, and picked up everything I would need to get us through the week. As I unloaded groceries, I was quite proud of myself for my advanced planning, and ready to begin the week. We’ll see how long the weekly planning continues…

Here at DDA, that kind of advanced planning is old habit for us. We take extra care to plan our projects from the very beginning. Oftentimes, first-time clients seem to think that a new website takes no time at all to design and develop. In a sense, that’s true (just not at DDA). We could just create a site off a template, fill in a few blanks, choose a URL and give you a website in a few weeks. But that site would do you know good. It wouldn’t be unique, it wouldn’t help you establish a brand identity, it wouldn’t be informative, and, most of all, NO ONE WOULD EVER SEE IT!

At DDA, we know that a well-planned menu structure, informative content, and countless small behind-the-scene details are critical to the success of your site. Therefore, our process may take more time than you might think, but in the end it will be well worth the investment. And if you choose our search engine marketing and optimization services, then we will help your site climb the ranks on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo!, reaching the first page and driving traffic to your site.

From an initial kickoff meeting with each client, through the development and feedback process, and all the way through your launch date, DDA will use its experience to create the perfect website for your business. Contact us today and let DDA create a plan for your new website!