Practicing What We Preach

Last month, after finding the job listing for Dynamic Digital Advertising on the Internet, I popped those three words into my trusty Google toolbar on my home laptop. I figured I’d find out a little bit about this place before I sent in my resume and took a leap into a new career path.

Well it wasn’t hard to learn about DDA. I was blown away when the first five pages of Google search results consisted entirely of DDA sites. Not sites that DDA has created, mind you, but direct links to actual DDA sites, boasting about things like animation, video production, copywriting, search engine optimization. The list went on and on, and the site seemed massive.,,, Then, starting on page six or seven, I saw countless websites designed by DDA. I was dumbfounded.

But it took until now, a few days into my time at DDA, when I repeated that search for the purpose of this blog entry, to notice something else. Go ahead, open up a new tab and type Dynamic Digital Advertising into Google. I’ll wait.

Because I knew the first page would be full of DDA links, my eyes drifted somewhere they rarely do: toward the yellowed box containing “sponsored links.” There were four of them, and not one was DDA-related. And I had typed in something very specific. Imagine if I was a business owner just searching for something more vague, like “digital advertising” or “website design.”

Since I’ve learned a few things in my short time here already (thanks Laura!), I know that DDA practices what we preach. We don’t pay for our high search rankings, or use any kind of pay-per-click marketing, and you shouldn’t either. For one, the average user completely ignores those “sponsored links,” like I did in my first search last month. Secondly, nearly every Google fan clicks on the link at the top of the list, without even looking. And thanks to Google’s impressive power, they usually find what they’re looking for.

Dynamic Digital Advertising doesn’t just spew jargon about search engine optimization or SEO copywriting that can help make your site more prominent — we do it ourselves. And as I’ve learned in the last few days, as I expand glossaries, proof pages and write content for DDA pages, our site is massive, and growing larger and larger by the day. Every time I click on a link that I think will lead me back to the same definition I already found, or back toward the home page, it actually takes me deeper into the site for even more information.

So the next time you’re killing time at work, type a few things into Google, and see how far off-base those sponsored links sometimes are. Then check out our site. It won’t be hard to find.