Social Soccer Networking

For the second straight day, my blog post is soccer-related. This is purely coincidental, except for the fact that it’s Thursday, and my originality has waned with the end of the week just a few hours away.

This weekend, my brother and I are attending a Team USA soccer game against Panama, taking place in Philadelphia. But the game is only part of the experience. A large group of fans — which originally formed to support the new professional team that begins play this spring — is putting on an ENORMOUS tailgate party Saturday afternoon. But this is not your typical tailgate party with a portable barbecue grille and a cooler of drinks. These guys are setting up tents and preparing a few hundred pounds of chicken and hamburgers. They also took payment for the party online via PayPal, and will be checking IDs and handing out different color wristbands to fans over and under 21 years old.

My point in this story is not only to talk about how much fun I think it will be (lots of fun), but to marvel at the viral nature of the event. In the span of just a month or two, word spread quickly through online message boards, social networking sites like Facebook, blogs, and word of mouth. The organizers simply threw the idea out there and let it percolate on its own. Just a month or two later, more than 400 people are all paid up and ready to go for Saturday afternoon.

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