Blogging Makes Me Flip Out

I have penned (do you still “pen” something on a blog?) multiple blog posts about how the Internet has changed things. At this point, that cliche is overused. But yet again, a funny story about an enterprising person has me amazed at the Internet’s power.

I found a story online last night having to do with the aftermath of the Phillies’ World Series win a few weeks ago (has it really been that long already?). Apparently, a man named Ted Passon parked his car along Broad Street in Center City, Philadelphia sometime during Game 5 of the World Series on October 29. Later that night, the Phillies won the championship, and tens of thousands of fans poured onto Broad Street. A few of those fans thought it would be fun to flip Passon’s 1998 Mitsubishi Galant onto its roof.


Instead of flipping out (I really couldn’t help the pun — sorry), Passan stayed calm, and got a tow truck to flip his car over. He then drove it home, started a blog to tell his story, and asked jubilant Phillies fans to help him in his quest to buy a new car. “If you’re going to hang out and enjoy the spectacle of my car getting flipped, you might as well give me a couple bucks for it,” he said. After a few links from some other sports blogs, and the story in the Philadelphia Daily News, Passan has received nearly $4,000 in donations over the Internet, and is just a few dollars away from buying a used Saturn (I wonder if any of the car-flippers felt guilty and dropped him 20 bucks).

“I think I’m generally a really optimistic person as far as how I think about humanity,” Passan said in the newspaper story. “It’s great to see proof of that optimisim come through.”

Aside from the humor and generosity of the story (and the idocy of those who flipped the car), I was struck by the power of the Internet. With one free blog, and just over two weeks, one man was able to raise nearly $4,000 and get noticed for an event that would have crushed any normal person. Just 10 years ago, even if Passan had the same idea to get donations, he would have had no way to execute it. Now, he’s able to move on with a funny story, and a new car (right-side up this time).

At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we know the power that blogs can have. That’s why each of us writes an entry every day. Not only to share our thoughts and take a light-hearted break from our hard work for clients, but to help our site move even higher than it already is in the world of search engine optimization. Every time I mention one of our services — like copywriting, graphic design, programming, animation, video production, or search engine marketing — it provides the tiniest little boost in the world of Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. And if I put in hyperlinks, it helps even more (or at least that’s what Mick tells me).

We have set up numerous blog systems for clients, as well, helping them expand their business and gain more traction on the Internet. Every day, I wonder what people did before the Internet, and then I remember looking up books in the library back in elementary and middle school, and I cringe in horror.

Time to get back to work, because 6 p.m. is approaching quickly. I’m just hoping my car is right-side up when I leave the office tonight.