A Calculated Approach

The kick-off meeting I had yesterday went well. We have done work for this client before and they are well aware of our capabilities.

Since this website will be highly search-engine optimized, the first step is keyword research. This is a very intricate, and sometimes painstaking process, where thousands of keywords are searched in an effort to determine search patterns and to prioritize keywords.

This research will set the tone for the entire content plan to follow. It will determine which keywords we  reference in every page and also which keywords will be used for the pages on individual services. This is the foundation of SEO writing. We want to identify the most relevant and common keywords that people use to search for the particular services our client provides.

We will then integrate these keywords into original, interesting, and informative writing that will be entertaining to visitors to the site, while helping our client achieve high search engine rankings.

We have a lot of clients who come to us with misinformed ideas about search engine optimized writing. They assume that all you have to do is pepper in a few dozen keywords and you’ll be able to reap results.  In reality, it’s a very systematic and calculated approach, with multiple steps toward achieving the end result.