A Change of Script

This morning I finished off the rough draft of a script for a website integrated video we will be creating.

I enjoy writing scripts because it such a different type of writing than I am used to. In website development, specifically search engine optmized content (SEO), you are focused on writing engaging copy, while integrating various keywords in a clear and concise way that does not sound redundant and still gets clients high rankings.

In print production work, like brochures and mailers, the focus is more on catchy headers and slogans as a way to reel people in and get them to read the rest of the content.

With video it’s right there. There’s no reading required so you don’t have to worry about people skimming over important content or messages. It’s also being spoken so the words you use and phrasing is going to vary considerably from the written word.

Today’s challenge was getting the script to fit within the 45-second allotted time period. As I do not know who the actor will be, or what the overall feel will be — that will be up to the Video Department to direct — I had to guess at tempo and speed, choosing to go slower than will probably be needed.

For me, this is a great challenge as I tend to be a bit long winded. After various mutterings to myself, cuts, and rewordings, I finally got it down to where I think it can be managed.

I have three other scripts to write for this project — those are 30 seconds apiece (gasp!) — so it should get interesting. But I am up for it. It’s a great change of pace that helps discipline me as a writer, keeping my copy tighter  and more relevant.