A Nice Retreat

Some mornings are OK. Others I feel like I need one of those beer hats with the straws, only filled with coffee. This would be one of those mornings. And it’s Monday, so I am doubly cursed.

But it’s time to fight through the grogginess and begin the week. Proposals, as they have, are taking the forefront. Although, it does appear that I will get some writing in for a four-part mail piece we are working on for a Medical billing company.

I like the retreat of writing the mailers. This is the fourth and last one, and a combination of the three before. The client chose our full range of print production services so there’s been a team involved — production, graphic design, content development.

These to me are the best projects. There’s something comforting, almost relaxing about settling in, getting comfortable and developing a new dose of marketing messages, headers, and engaging copy. All of the pieces have followed the same general outline so they’ve been fairly easy to write. Though this last one will vary some.

It’s a nice break from the craziness of proposal work.

OK, so as with everything else, I have to be as efficient as possible  and certainly cannot lag at all in putting together the content, but at least I will be sitting still and not stalking the Video Department, the programmers, the web developers, and anyone else I can find to get me a time estimate and get it to me quickly.

So in reality, settling in at my desk and writing for a little while is not just a nice retreat for me, but for everyone else at DDA.