A Whole Story in One Link

So one of the things I do a lot of is e-mail. I send e-mails all of the time. When I’m gathering information for someone on a particular service, my e-mails can sometimes be lengthy and include a lot of information on DDA and all of our divisions, with particular attention on the service in which that particular person is interested. One thing I almost always include is DDA in 60 Seconds. It’s just really fun and I think it’s an incredibly enjoyable way to learn about DDA.

But the one thing that really makes my job easy is DDA’s many portfolios. We have several including the primary corporate portfolio, Latest and Greatest, and the DDA Grid. I particularly like when there is a print project. Then I can send people to this portfolio, and it does all of the work for me. See, we have a “related projects” link, and when a person clicks on that link, they are transported to all of the additional projects we’ve created for that client. It makes it so much easier to explain a Marketing System and to also show people our wide range of traditional and interactive marketing and advertising services in action, with the ability to provide brochure design and development, video production, custom programming, website design and development, illustrations, animations, and so much more.

It is nice being able ot tell a whole story by sending just one link. It definitely saves my fingers.