Almost as Famous as a Boy Scout Camp Celebrity

This story may seem a bit odd, but I find it rather amusing and it’s a good example of “word-of-mouth” advertising. My younger sister, about whom I’ve written many a time, has recently become a bit of a celebrity. Of course, as she’s always wanted to be famous, this seems just right for her. But her fame is limited to one very particular segment — a Boy Scout camp. Now, before any negative connotations can be derived from this, I assure you it is all very innocent and very humorous.

It started with a childhood friend of hers from her old neighborhood who’s been working this summer as a counselor at a Boy Scout camp. He had a friend of his crank call my sister one night, and ever since then, she’s received numerous calls from about 20 or so camp counselors. Some call just to chat, some to talk about their girlfriend troubles, and more than one has proposed marriage. She was even offered a Ferrari. There’s even more Boy Scouts lining up to be her friend on MySpace. She said they are signing up in clusters of three and four. I will admit as an older sister, I’m a little wary of such attention from so many boys. But my sister has an amazing head on her shoulders and well, it’s a Boy Scout camp. Plus, to her it’s more about the notoriety. She’s not planning on meeting any of the boys and my mother’s been keeping a watchful eye on all text messages and calls coming in. It’s more that she’s somehow become some kind of Boy Scout camp celebrity. Odd.

This just proves how quickly word of mouth can help or hurt your business. When I purchased my former car, the salesperson gave me cards to pass out and made a statement to the effect of, “If someone likes something they tell one or two people. If someone hates something they tell 10.” How true. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to start thinking of their online presence as a virtual extension of their real-life brick and mortar store. Chances are many people will check you out first online, and if they are not satisfied with the experience, they may not be back and they may also let others know.

At DDA, we have 12 areas of focus when it comes to website design and development. All of the work we do is custom and based on the client’s exact needs, but there are some core considerations that are always a part of our development process and need to be in order to be successful. Design and GUI (graphical user interface), corporate identity, and pre- and post- search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) efforts are all part of that. It’s important to drive targeted traffic to your website, but that’s not enough, which is why marketing and branding is also so important. You need to define who you are and what you want to say. DDA’s interactive marketing services like videos, websites, animations, and eLearning platform development, make the experience engaging and keep the audience interested and attentive so they keep coming back for more and tell everyone they know.

I’m not sure we can offer the same kind of fame and exposure my younger sister seems to have garnered with the Boy Scouts, but, just like her, you will certainly make an impression.