Another Point of View

Over the weekend, my sister rushed my niece to the emergency room after a hive-like rash, which started small, grew to cover most of her body. She was sure it was an allergic reaction and pinpointed orange juice as the culprit. At the hospital, however, they had a different interpretation and said it was most likely her body’s reaction to a viral infection. They gave her steroids and sent her on her way telling my sister to follow up with the family doctor. The next day the rash had nearly vanished with just a few small spots. The day after that (yesterday), the rash was back in full force, accompanied by tenderness in my niece’s feet. While the family doctor still can’t be 100 percent positive himself, he’s leaning toward an allergic reaction, the opposite of the hospital’s view. The weirdest part is he thinks it’s an allergy to amoxicillin, which she was on for nearly two weeks prior without any problems. Apparently, however, for people with an allergy, it can take just one dose to set it off. Once she’s fully recovered, they will test to find out for sure.

When it comes to sickness, illness, and disease, it can be a really scary time for people, and often, you’re putting your life or that of a loved one completely in the hands of another, trusting that they will provide the best care possible. For more serious problems, like disease, it can be even more difficult, as there are often multiple treatment options and possible directions to navigate. It can be very confusing, and some may always wonder if there’s a better treatment for them out there.

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My sister doesn’t blame the hospital nor does she feel they made a wrong decision. After all, at this point they could still be right. But by getting a second opinion, suddenly a whole new possibility opened up, and it’s one that, if true, may save my niece’s life in the future.