Backyard Marketing

When I was a reporter, the “not in my backyard” syndrome was something I encountered a lot of. This method of thinking can be applied to just about any situation or issue and in general is the practice of opposing something because of its potential impact to your way of life. This is human nature and for the most part nothing is wrong with fighting back over something directly affecting you. The problem comes in when misinformation is strewn about, when the opposing people refuse to acknowledge they too may be part of the problem, or when they’re willing to pass the problem off to another person/neighborhood to save themselves. Typically, these issues always involved some combination of the three.

I don’t how many times I’ve already or will continue to write this, but it’s crucially important to always present all of the facts. Companies, corporate or medical, are confronted everyday with issues/changes, etc. that affect their target audiences. Sometimes it’s a new product, other times it’s a recall. Whether it’s for healthcare IT, medical-related in anyway, or not, there are many different marketing tools that can be used to effectively, efficiently, and conveniently relay all of the facts and information to the target audience. DDA just happens to offer all of these services in-house.

A website is a great platform for communicating to target audiences, and enhancing the experience with videos, animations, or  a patient or consumer portal can reinforce those messages and increase retention. Standalone videos for training, informational, or instructional purposes can also be extremely helpful, as can a whole host of social media marketing and optimization efforts. DDA even offers advanced search engine marketing (SEM) techniques that guarantee the people who need to hear your message the most will.

Solving the “not in my backyard syndrome” isn’t that hard when you use our traditional and interactive marketing and advertising services to your advantage.