Blizzard Ahead

March is a sneaky little month; every single year people start getting antsy for the spring and the minute February draws to a close with little action they start thinking that soon tulips will start popping up and they can leave the jackets at home.

Not the case; in 1994, I believe, the Northeast got hit with a huge snowstorm in the middle of March; the same a couple of years later; the year my boyfriend and I move into our new home about four years ago, we had to bundle in blankets just to walk in the door. We were in the process of updating the electric, so we had no heat, and assumed that March would be more forgiving. It wasn’t.

This year is no exception. The most snowfall of the year (not exactly in this area, but close) has fallen right when people thought we had managed to escape the season with no problems.

The lesson to be learned is, you can’t just turn your head and think the problems have gone away; you need to remain prepared.

Many medical and healthcare IT companies may not put the time or money into marketing or even patient information and awareness programs, thinking they can continue on the course they have been and be fine. But things change quickly; the way information is sought and viewed is evolving rapidly; healthcare services are climbing further into the digital age; and many companies are switching to different audiences as more lucrative and viable options reveal themselves.

Looking into medical marketing solutions, like website design and development, patient information brochures, continuing medical education (CME) and eLearning platforms, medical animation and illustration,among so much more, can really help medical and healthcare IT companies to navigate the changes smoothly, while keeping them on top.

At DDA Medical, we have a wide range of in-house capabitlities and an expertise in medical marketing that can keep any company on course and avoid getting buried in any unforseen snowstorms.