Change is Good

I am not a fan of change. I can accept it to a degree. Sometimes I have the urge to reorganize and move things around a bit, but overall I’d say I pretty much like to keep things as they are. I think it’s more of a fear of change than an actual disagreement with it or contentment with the present.

So when it comes to all of those companies and organizations out there who are hesitant to shake it up a bit, believe me when I say, I get it and I can commiserate.

But sometimes change is necessary, especially when your business depends on attracting new customers or clients or getting the word out about your product or service. It’s almost a cliche to say that the world is turning digital but it’s true. As the way people seek and view information changes, the way you’re presenting needs to change too or else you’re losing out.

With DDA and our full-service division DDA Medical, change is not only good, it’s fundamental in everything we do. You cannot stay on the cutting edge of traditional and interactive marketing and advertising technologies without constantly evolving and expanding your capabilities. If we didn’t, we would be doing ourselves and our clients a disservice.

Take eLearning for example. The virtual classroom is not an unknown concept and it spread like wildfire over the last several years. Medical companies, institutions, universities, high schools, and more braced the digital age and began offering educational and training programs online. But since then, it seems most have remained stagnant and within the same box. As more and more people are not only accepting the idea of eLearning but acutally seeking it out, change needs to occur in the way the information is being presented to retain the attention of your base and keep them coming back.

DDA Corporate and Medical Training (DDA CMT) offers a wide range of continuing medical education (CME) and eLearning solutions, from employee training to  physician accrediation. Our services are flexible so you can choose exactly what you need, like video production, website development, medical writing, medical illustrations, animations, or custom programming to build a database to store registrant information or create an e-mail managment system. But it’s our innovative and interactive approaches that make your project stand out among all others and make your core audience base want to choose you. We create enaging platforms that immerse the user in the experience.

With our advanced search engine marketing (SEM) techniques, we can help you draw in targeted website traffic so that you are attracting the right people to your site.

So you might not always be a fan of change, believe me I’m not, but as they say, you either roll with the flow or you get left behind.