Clever Branding

On the way to work yesterday I passed a heating and air conditioning van that had the cutest slogan written across the back of the vehicle. Now, I can remember things from well before I am supposed to be able to remember things and I usually have the most random knowledge. However, my short term memory, or really day-to-day memory, is pitiful. But, I do indeed remember the name of this company, and that is due to the slogan, not only cleverly devised but strategically placed.

With so much competition in nearly all fields these days, companies need to constantly being thinking of ways to set themselves apart. While a van with the company name is not new, a well-thought out marketing and branding plan can really make the difference. If it’s something catchy or that really connects with the target audience, chances are people will remember it more than they would a slogan, tag line, or advertisement that’s not as well thought out.

Conceptualization, strategic planning, marketing and branding, and development of corporate identities are all part of DDA’s comprehensive list of traditional and interactive marketing and advertising services. The best part is, with us, all of those items are part of the process for any project we undertake. So if you’re looking for website design and development, video production, animation, graphic design services or more, you can be sure that DDA will consider the whole picture to create pieces that are part of one overall cohesive marketing effort and that get real results.