Cohesive Design that’s Not a Mess

I live off of a major road, a road that’s currently undergoing massive construction. But that’s another story. When I travel this road heading South, I embark on a long stretch of highway that’s littered with mismatched businesses (some questionable), abandoned lots, and a hodgepodge of homes and retail stores. There’s no consistency in the styles of the buildings, the signage, and there seems to be no concern to the upkeep. It only gets worse once you enter the next large town and there’s double of everything. The entire stretch is depressing to say the least.

When I was a reporter, I covered a neighboring township that also has a major highway that cuts right through its town. This township was only starting to develop along the highway and was determined not to let the same mess happen to them, so they passed design and architecture guidelines that all new businesses and developers would need to abide by. They wanted one coherent design aesthetic that carried from business to business and didn’t leave their picturesque little town a schizophrenic nightmare.

Design is important. A cohesive design that’s pleasing to the eye is even more important. I love when I travel to new states or regions and see how that one area has individualized itself through architecture and design, like the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  Even the Home Depot, of which I’ve seen 1,000, looks completely different, somehow nicer and friendlier.

When you start marketing for your business or company, it’s crucial that you do so strategically. Have a clear-cut plan in mind, know who you want to reach, and what you want to say. Keep consistency in everything you do. You want your target audience to immediately recognize something they see or read as coming from you and to find it entertaining, visually-pleasing, and engaging. With marketing and branding a part of every project we do, DDA can help to create highly-effective marketing materials that work together to create one unified message. Whether it’s brochures, logo design and development, website design and development, video production, interactive marketing services, or animations, we know how to do it the way right.

You might think a quick fix is fine or that it won’t matter how it looks as long as you have something, but take it from me, if it looks like a mess, people will see it, and if it’s something they don’t find pleasing they’re going to take an alternate route.