College Hunting in the Digital Age

Yesterday, I was supposed to visit my mother and younger sister, both of whom just returned from a two-week vacation in California, but then my mother came down with the flu, possibly of the swine variety, and I elected to stay home. At about 4 p.m., I received a frantic call from my younger sister, who I’ve never seen stressed before in my entire life, begging me to go there at that very moment. She was wading through college catalogs, trying to set up visits, and making a checklist of what needed to be done, in terms of applying, getting letters of recommendation, etc.

As they are an hour away, I had work this morning, and that, even though on antibiotics, I didn’t want to take my chances with my mother, I tried to persuade her to do it over the phone. But she was insistent that my presence was needed. Stubborn doesn’t even begin to describe this girl. Just as I was beginning to think that I either had to drive there or change my phone number, a light bulb went off. We both have the exact same laptop, each equipped with a web cam. So after appeasing her with the promise of my virtual self and some finesse by my in-house IT support (my boyfriend), we began the tedious process of weeding through college catalogs and making a calendar of upcoming planned visits. Two hours later we’d narrowed the list to about 11, with three maybes, and she had returned to the lethargic teenager I know and love. All of that and I saved on gas money, my time, and eliminated my risk of being on the list of known swine flu victims. I love technology.

It’s true that the digital age has opened the door to possibilities and made life a lot more convenient. As a whole, the world is more connected and we can reach out to people in a much more personal way than ever before, without needing to be anywhere near them.

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Take it from a girl who knows. Your quality of life can increase greatly by taking advantage of the technologies available, and it can also limit your risk of getting the swine flu (for legal reasons, I want to add that this last statement was not approved by the CDC).