Deep Breaths

There are days when you feel that not everything will get done. You have deadlines, and time constraints, and unexpected calls, and last-minute conferences, and all of the other little things that can pop up when you are wishing everything would stay down.

Such is the professional world. I am working on a new technique to help me navigate through my crowded path of proposals and project coordination and writing projects — deep breaths. Silly? Maybe but when you have a lot to consider, as is always the case at DDA, taking a moment to slow down and breathe is important.

It’s not the different pieces of the projects that are difficult to juggle.  At DDA, you learn early on that each project will have a little bit of everything weaved in — web development could have video, programming with CD-ROM development, illustration with animation — and you learn that a balance comes naturally.

Everyone, whether it’s the graphic designers, search engine optimization specialists (SEO), the search engine marketing (SEM) team, videographers, web developers, animator, writers, or programmers, everyone knows the role they are expected to play and gets it done.

As Project Coordinator, it’s my responsibility to bring those pieces together, which as I said is fairly easy as  integration is such an integral part of what we do.

But when there’s a lot of those finished pieces, with up and coming pieces through New Business Development, and it’s time for me to play my own part in the process — well, deep breaths are sometimes in order.