Defining DDA

One of the newest tasks for the writers is building a new glossary. The DDA Glossary is a full index of terms, services, technologies, etc. that are offered by DDA and discussed on our website. Since DDA is continually evolving, innovating and adapting new technologies, there’s always a lot of new things to explain.

While we don’t anticipate the new glossary to be built for a little bit yet — very happily we are busy with client projects at the moment — the writers have started compiling and defining terms. For the time being, we will use the new definitions to make our current glossary more robust.

I’ve been trying hard to compile a comprehensive list and scour my brain for all of the new services and technologies  we offer that may not already be addressed. While it appears to be a simple task, with DDA it’s never really that easy. Why? Well, because we are in the business of pioneering and when you’re in that business things change rapidly. From day to day, we are expanding upon the services we offer in video production, website design and development, search engine marketing, animations, eLearning platform development, and more, and adding on new services, like augmented reality and a host of interactive marketing and advertising services.

So it’s going to take all of the writers working together to define DDA. And even then I doubt it will be complete.