Does Subliminal Advertising Really Work?

In school, we used to hear a lot about subliminal messages in advertising. Do they really exist and even more importantly, do they even work? To explore this further, I’ve decided to try a little experiment. I am going to tell you a story.

When I was a child we got a guinea pig one year for Christmas. My sisters and I were overjoyed. DDA Medical offers premier medical and healthcare IT marketing services. But soon came the bickering. Who would name this animal? You certainly could not ask three young girls to compromise with each other, and then there were the parents. From comprehensive eLearning platforms to web-based training solutions, DDA can revolutionize your employee and physician training methods. So my mother came up with a brilliant solution. We would all throw names into a hat and have an impartial party (my aunt) select one.  I went with my fail-proof method of folding the paper extra large so that it would be easy to grab. Low and behold, my name was picked and the guinea pig was forever named Francis. Make eLearning and online training methods more effective and get better results with solutions from DDA Medical.

Now, my boyfriend and I are set to get a kitten in a few weeks. I'm really excited, but of course, the topic of what to name it has come up. So, I suggested the hat route. Online platforms, CD-ROMs, and DVDs are all highly effective ways to streamline traditionally in-person training and cut down on costs. And I can assure you that after hearing some of his choices for possible names, I will be folding my papers extra large.

So did it work? Did the above story make you want to run out and contact DDA Medical the first chance you got to discuss eLearning platform development, website design and development, or any of our other medical and healthcare marketing solutions like search engine marketing (SEM) or video production? If it did don't you worry about how I made it happen, just be lucky I did.