Don’t Take a Chance — Say it All the Right Way

So we all make jokes about products with labels that have, what should be, common sense directions, like on the shampoo bottle, and the oodles of warnings tacked onto everything, like a picture of a person drinking lighter fluid with an X over it. But, the reality is, if there’s an idiotic warning on something, that’s because somebody probably already tried it at home.

In the corporate world, if things aren’t spelled out to account for every probable scenario, it could be a problem, in the medical world this could be a catastrophe.

From developing employee medical training, prescription labels, and educational materials, to properly explaining programs, treatments, and procedures, companies within the medical and healthcare IT industries have to be careful that they are presenting everything so it not only meets all guidelines and regulations but can be easily understood by all, so no mistakes can be made.

This morning, as usual, I was listening to NPR, and I heard a story on health insurance provided through colleges. I was never aware of this while I was in school, and in this particular case, the father who was shelling out $2,200. a year for insurance through the college for his son, while he had his own private insurance, wasn’t either. It was lumped into the total college tuition bill.

While this is a bit of a different scenario, it does prove a point. It’s not enough to just create the treatment, to set the procedure, to determine the process, you have to communicate all of that to the patient, consumer, or client so they understand it and get it too. When things are left vague or fuzzy, then there are more opportunities for mistakes or misinterpretations and then there’s more opportunity for law suits.

While DDA Medical, does not purport ourselves to be experts at medical law or regulation, we do have extensive experience in the medical and healthcare IT industries, from a marketing and advertising perspective, as well as from an educational perspective. We have helped pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, biotech companies, private practices, universities, and hospitals, to market their therapies and treatments and educate clients, investors, consumers, and physicians through the development of synchronous media environments, continuing medical education (CME) websites, eLearning tools and portals, medical video production, medical illustration and graphic design, and traditional marketing materials like brochures, sell sheets, and direct mail pieces.

As a medical and healthcare IT company, you know what needs to be said, and as an interactive and innovative traditional and interactive marketing and advertising company, we know how to say it.