Engaging the Senses

I do something that someone once told me is not typical, except possibly among gourmands. When I eat, I connect the taste with the scent of the food, which is to say that the smell enhances my enjoyment. I’m sure it’s more common than this person thought, and in actuality he didn’t say gourmands as much as he said dogs. He meant it as a compliment but he did compare me to a Beagle.

The senses are amazing and if you have full use of all five, each one is always affected in some way by every little thing you do, whether you realize it or not. Sometimes it just so happens that one sense is getting most of the attention at that moment and the others are just kind of hanging out waiting their turn.

One of the things that makes DDA’s marketing and advertising services so engaging is that we attack people’s senses — in a good way. We give them sound, visuals, and aim to ignite whatever other senses we can. To truly connect with your target audience, you have to keep them engaged and interested in the experience. Our full range of interactive and traditional marketing services makes it easy to wow audiences in any form you desire, whether it be website design and development, video production, custom programming, animation, or medical illustrations.

For me, the taste of a food is always better if I can capture the smell. It may sound odd, I know. But just as we get pleasure from using one of the senses, think about how much better the experience is when you’re tapping into several. Suddenly the messages you’re trying to communicate, have that much more of a lasting impact.