Expect Anything

Here’s the thing about DDA — you never know what to expect. And that disclaimer is not for the clients. It’s for the employees.

As a full service advertising and marketing company, we do a lot. I get a good preview of exactly what we have to offer by doing New Business Development (which just made me think of a really good blog topic, which I will write tomorrow), I am routinely discussing our website programming, redevelopment, and redesign services, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities, copywriting and content development services, brochure work, direct mailers, and on and on.

But here’s the best part, sometimes it’s more than just talk; it’s action. As a writer, I also sub as a Project Coordinator, which means I am actively involved in many of the projects going on.

Today, I got to play a pseudo technical role in the process. We were shooting a video for an interactive CD-ROM we are developing. I was involved in the almost-entire shoot (I got whisked away at the end to discuss another integrated video project).

My main part to play was in working the teleprompter, providing script assistance, and making sure that everything was on track with the concept and how the CD-ROM will be developed.

This like a lot of the pieces we develop, is full of interactivity including some animation, on-screen acting, and narration, with down-loadable forms, calculators to automatically estimate savings, and an enrollment portal.

It’s a really exciting project, and I do have to say that it’s nice that I have the ability to contribute to projects in new ways.

My big thing is, I love learning, and like to always learn something new. So who knows, maybe with a little bit of training, I might be able to take a seat down in the video department — though that could be many years off.