Feeling Threatened

Now, first, I want to say that I’m not endorsing threats, I’m just about to relay a tale of a strategy that recently worked for me. It began a couple of weeks ago when a new chapter opened in the saga that’s been the college search for my younger sister. My sister still has not received a letter from one of her favored schools, so finally, my mother called to check on it. I’ll speed this up a bit. They have not reviewed her application and are now saying she won’t know until the end of the month. Let’s fast forward a bit more to the part where my younger sister had no idea when she had to give her acceptance to the other favored school to which she’s already been accepted. Nearly a week later, she still had no clue.

So, I proposed this to my mother and asked her to pass it on: “I will follow her around for two days, including at work and school, and ask her every 20 seconds when she has to accept by. I will be wearing bright orange stretch pants and a shirt that’s been bedazzled while doing this.”

Now I’m not a mean person, but I am a person who likes to get things done. An hour later my sister called excited and upbeat to ask me if I was free in April for an acceptance luncheon. Suddenly, she knew the date. Coincidence?

Again, not endorsing threats, I’m just saying that when you want to get results you need to put a strategic plan in place to make sure you get them. First, establish goals. Second, know your target audience. Third, determine the method that will help you best reach your established goals.

At DDA, we offer website design and development, video production, 2D and 3D animation, custom programming, illustration, and so more, so you’re able to reach out to your target audience in the way that’s best for them. You don’t have to fit your needs into some cookie-cutter shape or template box. We mold our services around you.

So, whether it’s medical marketing and healthcare communications or corporate advertising you need, DDA can help. And, we don’t even have to result to threats.

…though, I’m pretty good at it…I’m just saying…