Finding the ‘Write’ Words

You would think writing a blog about writing would be easy, especially since that happens to be my title. But to be honest, I can’t always find the words.

While writing copy is not my only responsibility at DDA  — as you won’t find a single person here, from animators to web developers who have just one title — but it is something that I do often, not just for video scripts or website content. Writing e-mails to clients, summing up conference calls, drafting proposals, developing concepts, outlines — it’s all relative and all requires me to take on a different perspective, objectives, and goals.

When writing a proposal, I need to capture the essence of the project, both from a production standpoint — to make sure everything is accurate — and from a conceptual side — to make sure I am capturing what the client wants.

Copy for websites, brochures, tradeshow banners, and shell sheets, among other outlets, also have many layers. There’s the need to be engaging, informative, to clearly get points across, to speak to the right audience, and in the case of search engine optimization, seamlessly integrate those target keywords to get top search engine rankings.

So when it comes to actually having to write about what I am writing about, well it can get kind of tricky. How do say one thing when you’re always saying so much?