From Patient Acquisition and Medical Training to Employee Communications

So we have lots of interactive and traditional marketing and advertising materials, tools, solutions, and systems that can help companies in the medical and healthcare IT fields successfully market their products, treatments, and procedures. Our proprietary search engine optimized website development process will help you to drive target traffic to your website and increase conversions. With other search engine marketing (SEM) services, like search engine optimization (SEO) content enhancement, you can increase the number of people being exposed to your product, or the amount of practitioners who will use your website to gather educational information or training on a particular treatment.

There are so many ways that we can use our innovative, and cutting-edge medical technologies to help any medical company succeed on-line or off-line too.  Another way our services and capabilities can be used is in employee communications. As a medical or healthcare IT company, it is essential that you keep the lines of communication between you and your employees open and clear. You want to make sure they are kept up to date on the latest news, events, information related to that particular field, and all employee training and continuing medical education (CME) requirements. Excellent communication between you and your employees is critical.

At DDA Medical, we can build intranets, through our custom programming division, that will help streamline internal communications and put it all into one place, with the exact features and functionality that your company needs, databases that will allow you to easily record and track data and monitor processes, and other tools to help increase visibility and transparency in the workplace.